In addition to her book The Nordic Theory of Everything, published by HarperColllins, Anu has written for The New York Times, The Los Angeles TimesThe Atlantic, Fortune Magazine, and other publications.

As a newspaper journalist and magazine writer Anu has covered education, politics, technology, culture, and the arts. She has written for Finnish magazines about everything from the latest developments in neuroscience to the effects of Hurricane Sandy to domestic abuse; she has interviewed Andre Agassi, Jonathan Franzen, James Ellroy, Zadie Smith, and numerous Hollywood celebrities.

Anu has also been a regular columnist based both in New York City and her home town of Helsinki. For more about Anu's career please visit the About page; below is a selection of recent articles.


Crash-test Nation

Helsingin Sanomat, Sunday Pages

Finland Is a Capitalist Paradise

The New York Times, Sunday Review

The Fake Freedom of American Health Care

The New York Times, Sunday Review

A True Finnish Spring

The New York Times, Op-Ed

The Fog of Living Abroad

Powell's Original Essays

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Olivia magazine

(in Finnish)