Anu Partanen
The Nordic Theory of Everything

To request Anu for a local community appearance, please send an email to: contact at anupartanen dot com. For corporate or institutional events, please inquire via HarperCollins Speakers Bureau.


Photo by Anne Almasy

Photo by Anne Almasy

Anu frequently gives talks on the subjects of her book The Nordic Theory of Everything, and participates in panel discussions on topics including parental leaves, work-life balance, gender equality, education, health care, business innovation, and arts and culture, focusing on what the U.S. can learn from Nordic societies and what Nordic countries can learn from America. She is currently on book tour and available for speaking appearances. If you’d like to host an event or otherwise help bring The Nordic Theory of Everything to your town, please send an email to: contact at anupartanen dot com.

Please visit Anu’s Events page for scheduled appearances.

Speaking Topics

  • Work-life Balance: How the Nordic Countries’ Approach to Parental Leaves, Part-Time Work, and Work-Life Balance Creates Independent Individuals, Happy Families and Productive Workplaces
  • Education: How to Create Schools and Public Education that Support Both Equality and Excellence—Drawing on Lessons From Finland’s Education Miracle
  • Health Care: Debunking Myths About Universal Health Care and Showing Its Benefits to Individuals, Businesses, and Societies
  • Business and Innovation: Surprising Insights from the Nordic Region’s Dynamic High-Tech Companies: It’s Better for Business to Give Employees Paid Parental Leaves and Real Vacations, and to Let Them Leave Work at 5pm
  • Gender Equality: How Men and Women, Dads and Moms, Can Flourish Both at Work and At Home: 21st-Century Lessons from the Most Gender-Equal Countries on Earth, the Nordic Nations
  • Smart Government: How Governments Can Design Smart Policies to Support Citizens Instead of Limiting Them—The American View vs. Nordic Thinking